5 Ways To Sell More With Facebook's Dynamic Product Ads
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Ever since people started selling things, they have been faced with one very hard challenge: how do you pitch the right product to the right person efficiently? Sure, salespeople can sometimes do this, but that’s expensive. Not all of us can hire a real sales team.

Now, with Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, we’re a step closer to solving that problem for even the smallest sellers.

What are dynamic product ads?

First thing’s first: what exactly are dynamic product ads?

To put it as simply as possible, dynamic ads are a type of ad Facebook offers that lets you semi-automate the advertising of all your products. That’s a broad, but accurate, definition. What does this mean to you? The main things you can do with dynamic ads that you can’t do without other ad types include:

  • Automatically generate ads based on your product catalog. This means you can create hundreds, or thousands, of ads automatically — obviously powerful if you have a big catalog.
  • Automatically show ads for a product that people have already visited on your site. Because of the way this works across your entire site, dynamic ads make the process of remarketing far easier to manage.
  • Automatically adjust targeting based on purchase behaviour. For example, with dynamic ads you could automatically stop showing someone an ad for something they have purchased and start showing them an ad for an up-sell product.

I’m sure there are plenty of other niche use cases for dynamic ads we haven’t yet thought of. This is a new ad type so there is still plenty of innovation to be done.

Why use dynamic product ads?

Dynamic product ads are perfect for medium to large e-commerce businesses (and as we’ll see, even non e-commerce businesses). Even someone with a product catalog of 20 items can benefit from these. Would you rather sit there and manually create 20 different ads for each of your products, implement tracking for each product, etc or have Facebook handle it for you? With dynamic product ads, you get a campaign that is:

  1. Scalable. Running ads for hundreds of products used to be possible, but a huge pain. Dynamic ads make it relatively straightforward.
  2. Automated. Dynamic ads are not just generated automatically, they also run automatically, removing people who purchased from your audience, retargeting people with the right products, etc.
  3. Across devices. Dynamic ads are available across devices and track your customers’ behaviour across their laptop, phone, tablet, whatever.
  4. Relevant. Because dynamic ads offer automatic retargeting (and, importantly, removal of purchasers from retargeting pools) you are showing people products they have already shown some interest in.
  5. Open new tactics. Dynamic ads allow you to try new ad tactics that may not have been possible before, like automatically targeting everyone who abandons their cart with an ad for the exact products they were about to buy. There is a lot of opportunity here.

It should be clear that dynamic ads are a no-brainer for most e-commerce businesses with more than a few products.

In fact, dynamic ads could also be used by just about any sort of business. Imagine you are a realtor and you want to advertise houses — what better way to do this then uploading a list of for-sale houses as your ‘product catalog’? Don’t feel that just because you aren’t strictly e-commerce you can’t use dynamic ads.

But there is a catch — getting dynamic ads up and running is a bit technical. In our members only Deep Dive we walk through exactly how to do that so you can start using them today. If you’re interested, click here to learn more about signing up for a risk-free membership.


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