99Papers has a large range of services. The good news about 99Papers is its transparency. Customers can view prices before signing up, which is rare.


99Prices is considered affordable by the majority of customers. 99Prices caters to a large audience, starting at $8.97 per web page. These rates can be afforded by high school students. However, students know the importance and necessity of budgeting. Delivery times that are shorter will result in higher prices. Check out these college paper writing services reviews. Prices for Ph.D. quality delivery within 3 hours are the most expensive. This is why a page at this level costs $54.60. However, you might not get the best quality work in such a short time. It is a good idea to give your writing time for at least a few working days, especially for Ph.D. students.


You can reach customer service via their website. The website has a chat feature that allows you to speak directly with someone. You can also call a staff member to get faster responses. For students who need custom writing, you can also fill in the free inquiry form. You will receive an email response. Support is available for more than just inquiries. 99Papers offers 24/7 support for refunds. Some clients have a change of heart and wish to hire another writer or cancel a job. It is essential to receive a response quickly, especially for writing that is delivered the same day.

Writing and other services

99Papers provides research papers, term papers, and essays. However, 99Papers also offers other writing services:

  • Math problems
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Quiz writing
  • Poster writing
  • Article critique
  • Corporate documents
  • Lab reports
  • Poems

99Papers is here to set itself apart from the rest. It provides writing services for students and corporate clients. It also markets services such as poetry writing that are not easily found. 99Papers offers many other services, too.

99Papers Discounts

99Papers doesn't offer too many discounts. New customers get a 5% discount. Pricing is adjusted according to the level of education, including undergraduate, master's, doctoral and high school. 99Papers offers a money-back guarantee. This policy does not guarantee a complete refund and is not always linear. The final amount that is refunded will depend on the work of the writer. This discussion takes place on an individual basis.

What did 99Papers.com order?

A brief article review was ordered. Other 99Papers reviews One-page tasks are completed quickly. The paper was delivered 3 days after paying $16.95. A quick scan of the paper with plagiarism software revealed that it was not original, but in some paragraphs. Additionally, the formatting was unclear and it was difficult to read. A few paragraphs fell into the informal, non-academic style of writing. Most customers are satisfied with the paper's quality. There aren't many options that offer the same quality paper for the price. It would be a smart idea to hire a top-rated writer to ensure high-quality paragraphs.

The results were poor writing quality

Four paragraphs were acceptable from six. They expect students to achieve high marks. While they won't be awarded the distinction, their paragraphs would be among the most outstanding. The paper was also less high quality due to poor writing in two paragraphs. The paper's grade would be insufficient to get a passing mark or a good final score.

Are they legit/reliable/scammed?

Like any 99Papers.com review, it is important to distinguish between styles and writing. This is an area where many of these services fail. Because academic writing styles and tones are very different, it should not be possible for non-academic writers to bid on academic writing tasks. Even formatting differs. Short paragraphs are best for general writing. Blocks of text can be used to quickly summarize ideas.


99Papers does not offer a professional writing service. Although it offers many writing options that others do not offer, such as poetry and corporate writing, 99Papers is of low quality. They are not useful for students who leave college to work in the corporate world. Students pursuing postgraduate studies will also find it difficult to find any useful writing at 99Papers.