Frequently Asked Questions
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Is Online Advertising School right for me?

That depends. Are you trying to sell online? Struggling to generate leads or increase sales? Want to join a community dedicated to online advertising? Advertising expert and can’t find interesting content? If you answered yes to any of these, then you should try Online Advertising School.

So what exactly do I get with my purchase?

It’s a lot, but we’ll try to list it all – updated courses on every online advertising channel, unlimited access to courses, new courses every month, access to an online social community of advertisers, weekly members-only emails and weekly Q/A with instructors.

And we keep adding more 🙂 

Will I need to purchase other courses later?

Nope. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).

You’ll always have access to the content, Facebook group and weekly emails – all for $25 (plus taxes) per month.

How are your courses different than others?

There’s three reason why we’re different.

1. No BS. No Fluff.

Some marketing gurus think it’s smart to walk around in “their” mansion, show off “their” expensive cars and say they bought both by implementing their super secret sales formula.

Yeah… That’s all bullsh*t.

These same people create video content that’s mostly just fluff. Six hour videos usually only one hour of actual content.

Our content is different. No gimmicks, no fluff. Just helpful content to help you grow your business.

2. Affordable

Most advertisers charge $500 per course and over $50 for a monthly membership. And that doesn’t include expensive course up-sells.

We offer one simple, affordable price – $25 + taxes each month for unlimited content and unlimited access to our community and courses.

3. Every Advertising Channel

We believe that every business owner and marketer is different. Sometimes Facebook isn’t the best channel.

That’s why we plan on covering every single advertising channel – because there’s never a one-size-fits all approach.

I don’t see the courses I want. FIX IT!

Woah there, no need to yell 🙂 We add courses as fast as we can. If you don’t see a course you want, shoot us an email and we’ll look into adding it.

Do you offer one-on-one consulting?

Yes, but we spend 95% of our time and energy on our Online Advertising School members and community. That’s where you’ll get the best value.

But we understand some people like extra help. If you want additional support, we offer a limited number of one-on-one consulting sessions for a flat free of $397 per hour. Email to make an appointment.

What if I don’t like it?

We believe you’ll love it. But if you don’t you have 14 days to cancel your membership. After that, you cancellation will take place before your next payment

What if I want to cancel later on?

No problem, we don’t lock you into any fees. If you don’t like the service, just cancel before the 10th of each month.