Lesson 4: The Anatomy of a Profitable Facebook Ad
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Lesson Overview

What You’ll Learn

  • How choosing the wrong Facebook objective will kill ad performance
  • Which Facebook ad placement to use (and which ones to avoid)
  • A comprehensive review of every ad type, and when to use them
  • A detailed overview of how to structure a high converting ad
  • How adding psychological triggers will dramatically improve results and sales

Lesson Content

  1. How to Choose the Right Campaign Objective
  2. Facebook Ad Types
  3. The Anatomy of a Facebook Ad
  4. Understanding the Differences Between Facebook Ad Placements
  5. How to Improve Ad Performance With Psychological Triggers 

Additional Resources

Bonus Content

Want to know the best way to build high-converting Facebook canvas ads? Email grahame@onlineadvertisingschool.com for your free ebook on How to Create High Converting Canvas Ads.


  1. Create 4 different ads, including one carousel and one canvas ad
  2. Use at least one psychological trigger in each ad