Lesson 3: How Expert Advertisers Create Profitable Facebook Audiences
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Lesson Overview

What You’ll Learn

  • A simple way to save you time managing custom audiences
  • The secret weapon for creating better converting Facebook audiences (hint: it’s all about time!)
  • Specific customer list audiences every small business owner should make
  • 5 ways to improve Lookalike Audiences, including the Lookalike Layering technique that will jumpstart sales
  • Our 33-page step-by-step guide to creating profitable, high converting Facebook audiences

Lesson Content

  1. Introduction to Custom Audiences
  2. Website Vistors Custom Audience
  3. Customer List Custom Audience
  4. The Power of Lookalike Audiences
  5. How to Research Your Target Audience – eBook

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  1. Sign-up for a free Online Advertising School Membership using the code 2xfacebooksales
  2. Create a lookalike audience
  3. Create at least one Facebook engagement audience