Lesson 1: The Facebook Ad Strategy Every Advertiser Should Use
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Lesson Overview

What You’ll Learn

  • A tested strategy we’ve used with over 30 different clients spending more than $500,000 on Facebook ads
  • Step-by-step framework to generating sales and leads for your small business
  • The one trick to getting your audience’s attention
  • How to create a converting hook for your client or business

Lesson Content

  1. Introduction to Facebook Ads for Small Businesses
  2. What type of small businesses can benefit from Facebook ads?
  3. How to research your audience for Facebook ads
  4. How to create a hook for your audience
  5. How to use hooks to generate leads
  6. Run ads to drive traffic
  7. Review and optimize your results

Additional Readings


  1. Learn from other advertisers by joining our Facebook group
  2. Brainstorm three hooks for your target Facebook audiences (we’ll talk about finding Facebook audiences in another lesson)
  3. Want free feedback? Email your hooks to grahame@onlineadvertisingschool.com and we’ll give you feedback