2 tactics for selling more with Instagram ads
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Create Your First Instagram Campaign (The Right Way)

Creating Instagram ads isn’t complex. The real challenge is using them properly.

In this lesson you’ll learn 2 tactics for running better Instagram campaigns: retargeting and evergreen campaigns.

Product Retargeting

People are more likely to purchase from you if they’ve just viewed or interacted with your product.

Product retargeting is very effective if you are getting stable website traffic, especially to your product pages.

Here is how to setup 3-day product retargeting:

  1. Make sure your pixel is tracking traffic. If you haven’t placed a pixel, stop what you are doing and go put it on your site!
  2. Create a 3-day website visitor audience from your audience settings. 
  3. Setup a website conversion campaign that uses unique daily reach as the optimization setting. This will ensure each person who logs in will see your ad.
  4. Set the bid to manual and make the suggested bid high. Higher bids will ensure your ads deliver.
  5. Create compelling ad creative. Usually it should include a picture of your product or service. You want the ad to be a reminder to purchase that product. Integrating an incentive, such as 25% off on the product, can also be very effective. Use language that implies time is running out, or that there is a limited time to make the purchase – urgency drives more sales.
  6. Launch and monitor. Keep an eye on costs, as Instagram can be higher.

Evergreen Instagram campaign

Auto-pilot campaigns, sometimes called evergreen campaigns, are an incredibly effective way to do something over and over again without needing to spend hours recalibrating settings or changing creative.

Instagram is an ideal place for you to integrate this type of campaign into your ads, as the creative on Instagram is usually much more compelling.

First: Brainstorm what you want people to do. Do you want them to purchase a product? Give you your email? Learn about your product or service? All of these are great places to start. For this example, we are trying to drive people to purchase our membership.

Second: Choose your audience. To create an evergreen campaign, we need a constant stream of new leads. The best way to do this is with your website traffic, since your pixel ads traffic automatically. For this example, we will target people who visited our website, but did not give us their email address.

Third: Create your audiences. Our campaign will span 12 days, include 4 different ads to acquire emails. There are 6 audiences you need to create:

  • Web visitors: 3 days
  • Web visitors: 6 days
  • Web visitors: 9 days
  • Web visitors: 12 days
  • Purchases: All Links
  • Purchases: Emails

To create “Purchases: All Links”, add all your purchase URLs into one audience. Consider this your universal exclusion audience.

Create another audience of all email addresses of your customers.

Fourth: Create your first ad set. You will need to include your 3-day audience, and your exclusions. Setting them up this way ensures no previous customers are part of the campaign.

Fifth: Complete the rest of your ad set. Set your budget for $20-$50 (don’t worry, you won’t spend it all). If your audience is larger, you could raise it. A few days of the campaign should indicate whether you need to change your budget.

Sixth: Set your bid to unique daily reach. This will ensure you only hit people one time each day. If your audience is smaller, this will ensure your ads deliver.

You should set your bid on the high-end of the recommend bid by Facebook. This will ensure your ad set spends. Then, duplicate this ad set 3 additional times and rename them to each day range.

Each audience corresponds to a 3-day period. That means after every three-day cycle, they will be added to the new cycle and excluded from the previous ad sets. Here is what each ad set’s audience looks like:

Ad Set #2 – Day 4-6

Ad Set #3 – Day 7-9

Ad Set #4 – Day 10-12

Seventh: Add your creative into each ad set. Turn everything on and voila, you have an evergreen Instagram campaign.

Next up

Now you have a good foundation for creating effective Instagram ad campaigns. In the next — and final — lesson, you’ll learn some tactics for lowering your ad costs.

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