Choosing a Campaign Objective
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Facebook Advertising for Beginners

What are Objectives?

In the past, accomplishing different objectives with online advertising was hard. Usually you would need focus on driving impressions, then measure the cost of those impressions, or the cost of events on your website from those impressions. Campaign settings weren’t very flexible.

You could also bid on cost per ad click. You told the advertiser how much you were willing to pay to drive traffic to your site, and the advertiser worked to match that. Your end objective didn’t really matter, as long as your achieved your target cost per click.

Oh how things have changed…

Facebook pioneered the ability to run objective-based campaigns. Facebook understood that each advertiser wants something different and achieving that objective will lead to better results.

That led to the current system of objective-based advertising. Before selecting creative or targeting, you must choose an ad objective.

Why Do Objectives Matter?

Changes Advertising Options

The objective you choose will impact who and how you target people. For example, selecting “Boost Your Post” forces you to bid for engagements. This isn’t useful if your objective is to get more sales.

Potentially Hurts Ad Performance

Choosing the wrong objective will negatively impact ROI.

Why? Because Facebook optimizes results based on your objective. So if you select video views, Facebook will try to find people who are more likely to watch your video.

Another example is the Website Traffic objective. Facebook will try to find people more likely to click your ad, not people who are more likely to buy your product.

Some Objectives are Useless

Can we be honest for a moment? We’ll come out and say it – some objectives are just plain dump. Boosting your post may increase engagement – but how does that help your business? It doesn’t increase product sales or drive more leads.

In conclusion – think about your objective!

Types of Facebook Campaign Objectives

As of writing this course, these are the different objectives you can choose from.

facebook campaign objecive

For most advertisers, and especially small business owners, we recommend staying away from reach and frequency (see the top of the image).

Facebook breaks objectives out into three groups:


Awareness is designed to increase awareness of your brand or business.

  • Boost posts
  • Promote a page
  • Reach people near your business
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase your reach

We generaly don’t recommend running these campaigns if you are a small business.


Consideration is designed educate people and build knowledge about your business.

  • Send people to your site
  • App installations
  • Raise event attendance
  • Get video views
  • Collect leads


Conversion ads should be the majority of your ad spend and where you’ll get the biggest return on investment.

  • Increase website conversions
  • Increase app engagement
  • Claim offers
  • Promote a product catalogue
  • Get people to visit a store

Overview of Campaign Objectives

Boost Posts

Purpose: A beginner way to share content with a wider audience

When to Use it: Increase awareness and engagement with content, and beginner advertisers who don’t use Ads Manager.


Promote a Page

Purpose: Advertise your Facebook Fan Page

When to Use it: Increasing your Facebook fans, reaching existing customers to build a connection

Key Difference: Shows your Facebook page as the creative


Reach People Near Your Business

Purpose: Reach a local audience who might be interested in your business

When to Use it: A physical store trying to increase awareness

Key Difference: Must target circular area around business


Increase Brand Awareness

Purpose: Reach people more likely to pay attention to your ads

When to Use it: Increase recall of an advertisement by targeting people more likely to view an ad and remember it

Key Differences: Optimization for add recall and measures estimated ad lift


Increase Your Reach

Purpose: Show your ad to as many people as possible.

When to Use it: Reach as many people as possible

Key Differences: Optimization for reach and the ability to set frequency capping

Send People to Website

Purpose: Increase website visitors at as low a cost as possible

When to Use it: Show ads to people who are more likely to visit a website


App Installations

Purpose: Increase the number of app installs

When to Use it: You are advertising an app with the objective of increasing downloads

Key Differences: Must be targeted to mobile devices


Raise Event Attendance

Purpose: Get more people to see and respond to your event

When to Use it: You want to advertise an event and increase attendance

Key Differences: Optimize for event responses and you must promote a Facebook event


Get Video Views

Purpose: Increase number of video views

When to Use it: Building awareness through video content

Key Differences: Must use video content


Collect Leads

Purpose: Increase lead generation

When to Use it: If you don’t have a landing page and need to collect contact information

Key Differences: Must create and use a lead form


Website Conversions

Purpose: Increase website actions

When to Use it: You want to optimize for a website action, like sign-ups, purchases or content views


Increase App Engagement

Purpose: Increase engagement within your app

When to Use it: When targeting previous app users to re-engage them within your app


Get People to Claim Your Offer

Purpose: Drive store sales

When to Use it: If you are a business trying to drive in store or online deals

Key Differences: Need to create a deal


Promote Product Catalogue

Purpose: Show business products

When to Use it: You have a product catalogue, have lots of traffic and need to automate targeting based on visits

Key Differences: Must use a Product Catalogue


Store Visits

Purpose: Get people to visit your physical store

When to Use it: If you have multiple store locations and want to increase foot traffic

Key Differences: Must have Store Business Locations setup through the Ads Manager Selection Tool

TIP: Facebook will serve ads to people who it knows are more likely to complete your objective. So always go with your final campaign objective. For example, choose Website Conversions and select your Purchase pixel for all sales campaigns.  


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