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Intermediate Facebook Advertising – How to Master Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Your customer list is one of the most valuable parts of your business. Effective businesses spend hours each day figuring out new ways to communicate to and convince customers and prospective customers to purchase from them.

In this lesson, we combine the power of your customer database with Facebook audience targeting to show you the ways experts target and engage their customers outside of email marketing. In this lesson, you’ll learn

  • How CRM custom audiences work
  • The data-types you can import
  • 5 audiences you need to be using

Creating a Customer List Audience

Let’s get started. First, go to Audiences, select Create Audience and choose Custom Audience.

custom-audience-creationSelect Customer File.

ffacebook custom audiences

You can choose to sync your data from MailChimp, or copy and paste a data file into Facebook. Select Choose a File Option.

facebook data file

Facebook now let’s you upload different types of customer data. Using additional data like country, year of birth and postal code, we were able to increase match rates by 50-75% over the old method.

customer upload data

Next you need to upload your file or copy and paste in your data. And finally, name your audience.

Naming is important. We recommend including the following variables – source, type and date uploaded. This will make searching and tracking data much easier.

Next you need to select the rows that correspond to each data-point.

customer upload matching

Click upload and you are done!

Tip – These audiences need to be updated manually, otherwise the data isn’t accurate. You can use third-party services, but these can be expensive. Be sure to upload new data into the same audience so the ads using this audience are updated. 


5 Useful Audiences You Should Create

Email Customer List

This one is easy. Take your entire list and upload it to Facebook. You can use it to exclude any other email addresses.

Product Purchases

Export all users who made a purchase to generate a static customer exclusion audience. This is useful only if you don’t have event purchases firing on your site.

Product Type Purchases

Take all similar product types, export and one audience and use to exclude when targeting people to purchase a product


Upload only email addresses and exclude product purchasers. This is a great list to target for selling.

Engaged Users

Take people who consistently open and click on emails. Target them with any new blog posts.

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