How to Create an Instagram Ad Set
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Create Your First Instagram Campaign (The Right Way)

Why you shouldn’t use the default ad placements for Instagram ads

A common question we get asked is how to properly structure your Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

By default, Instagram ads are included in your Facebook ad set. This means if you stick with the default settings, your creative will be the same on Instagram as it is on Facebook. Since creative is set at the ad level and not the ad set level, you have less control over the placement of your ads.

You might be asking, so what? Don’t I want my ads on Instagram and Facebook?

It really depends on your creative, but we normally recommend using different creative for Instagram. Right hand ads are very different than Instagram ads which are different from in-feed ads. One obvious example: the default image size in Instagram is 1:1, compared to 1.9:1 for Facebook.

So instead of accepting Facebook’s default settings, we recommend following the following steps to create your Instagram ad sets.

Create a dedicated Instagram ad set

Creating an Instagram ad set is basically the same process as Facebook. Load up Power Editor, navigate to the campaign you want to include the ad set in, and click Create Ad Set. Enter the info for the ad set when prompted.

Then you’re going to select your targeting options for the ad set as normal.

When you get to the placements options, de-select all the placements except for Instagram.


That’s all there is to it — proceed with creating your campaign like you would for any other Facebook ad campaign and your ads will only be shown on Instagram.

A final campaign structure that included both Instagram and Facebook ads would look something like this:

Next step

Now that you have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of setting up an Instagram campaign and reporting dashboard, let’s move on to discuss some of the advertising options that you can take advantage of on Instagram. Specifically, we’ll look at Instagram Carousel ads in the next lesson.

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