Introduction to Facebook Ad Template Blueprints
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Facebook Advertising Blueprints

After spending years reading advertising content, we realized something was missing.

Lots of sites focus on great looking ads. And many share their formula’s for this success.

But no one has a central library of helpful, step-by-step instructions for creating ad campaigns.

So we decided to make our own campaign library.

We call these Ad Template Blueprints.

In this course, we walk you through different Facebook advertising campaign templates. Want to re-engage old visitors? Advertise only to customer who paid over $10? These are proven ways for you IMMEDIATELY run campaigns that will help you sell more and spend less.

The Facebook Advertising Template Blueprints gives you:

  • Free advertising campaign templates that help you sell more and spend less
  • Set-by-step walkthroughs of how to setup these campaigns
  • Use-cases and examples of when to use these templates
  • Up-to-date templates that change as advertisers add new features

These templates solve serious problems for advertisers:

  • Save you time by showing you the exact process for creating campaigns
  • Save you money by implementing proven advertising template blueprints
  • Learn in-depth campaign templates used by expert advertisers

We release new Advertising Template Blueprints all the time. So stay tuned for new lessons.

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