Introduction to Facebook Ads for Small Businesses
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Facebook Advertising Strategy for Small Businesses

I can’t tell you how many people who run small businesses — like roofers, plumbers, mechanics, designers, etc — have told me that Facebook ads just won’t work for them.

“Sure, Facebook ads might work for for the big guys, but I’m too small.”

Let me tell you right now: this is completely wrong.

That isn’t to say that many of these people haven’t tried — they have. The problem is that most people don’t understand that advertising a small business on Facebook isn’t the same as handing out flyers or buying a radio spot.

Facebook advertising is different — people aren’t looking for ads, they’re looking for relevant content.

Successful Facebook ad campaigns recognize this, and give people what they want.

In this course you’ll learn a specific, step-by-step process for using Facebook ads to generate warm leads that convert into customers.

This method doesn’t take extraordinary skill or luck — it just takes some hard work at the outset and a willingness to spend a few thousand bucks on Facebook ads. If you’re willing to make that investment in growing your business, the method we cover in this course can generate a significant return on investment.

I have seen clients get a 50x ROI on their Facebook ad spend using this method, and while a 10% ROI might be more normal, 50x or more is achievable depending on the nature of your business.

In the next lesson I’ll cover some of the types of businesses this method can be used for, and outline the steps involved in running a profitable Facebook ad campaign for small businesses.

If you want to dig really deep into Facebook ads, beyond just your small business, we recommend taking our Beginner and Intermediate Facebook Advertising Courses. We cover these topics in much greater detail.

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