How to Run Facebook Ads
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Facebook Advertising for Beginners

The 3 Ways to Run Facebook Ads

Getting started with Facebook advertising isn’t hard. But there are something you need to learn right away.

Understanding the different ways you can advertise through Facebook is an important part to mastering the platform. Setting up and running ads the wrong way will hurt your campaign performance.

There are three ways to run Facebook ads:

  1. Through your Facebook page
  2. Ads Manager
  3. Power Editor

In this lesson, we discuss the differences between Facebook page and Ads Manager. In a lesson later in this course, we cover how to use Facebook Ads Manager.

1. Facebook Page

Most beginner Facebook advertisers use this method. They start by selecting the Promotion button, which gives four advertising options.

facebook page promotion

Selecting anyone of these options opens the ads management page. It will look something like this.


You can choose the ad creative, audience, budget and duration. It also comes with a handy way to estimate results.

You can access you ongoing promotions by clicking the Manage All Promotions selection.


You’ll see a screen like this one below. You can also easily access ads by clicking on the Promotion button.


2. Ads Manager

Ads Manager can be accessed by clicking on the bottom button in the previous image.

We will go over Ads Manager in another lesson. What you should know right now, is that this is the place where most advertisers manage their ads.

3. Power Editor

Power Editor is for advanced Facebook advertisers. It let’s you quickly and easily setup, manage and change multiple ads. Power Editor is a life-saver for anyone managing lots of campaigns.

You can visit our Power Editor for Beginners course to learn more. We recommend finishing this course first before reviewing Power Editor.

The Wrong Way to Run Ads

There is a right way and a wrong way to run Facebook ads. Power Editor and Ads Manager are the right way. Running ads through your page is the wrong way.

There are three major reasons why you shouldn’t run ads through your page.

1. Less Choice, Higher Costs

When running ads from your page, you’re only given three advertising options.

facebook page promotion

You’ll learn more about objectives later in this course – but the key point is that costs are higher if you choose the wrong objective for your campaign.

Getting More Subscribers and Get More Website Visitors are both Website Traffic objectives, while promote your page is designed to increase page likes.

Your ads will cost more convert less if you try to sell something.

Why is that?

If you run website visitors as your objective – the main objective when running ads with your page – you are telling Facebook to find people who will click your ads.

If you choose website conversions – an option you can’t choose through your page – Facebook will find people more likely to take an offsite action, like purchasing a product.

Your objective tells Facebook which people to find. This helps lower your overall costs.

In conclusion. objectives matter. Running ads through Facebook Fan pages reduces your objective options and increase costs, especially if you try selling your product.

2. Less Control Over Targeting

Using your Facebook page limits your audience you can reach. Here’s just a few groups you not able to target:

  • Demographics like jobs or education
  • Specific locations and location types, such as people living in a certain area
  • Behaviours
  • Connections
  • Control over ad placement
  • Bidding
  • Custom Audiences

And this is just a few!

Using promotions from your page limits your ability to really find your perfect profitable audience.

3. You Won’t Learn the Platform

Running ads through your Facebook page promotion limits your ability to understand and master the platform.

You won’t have access to awesome features like Custom Audiences, placement-based campaigns, creative testing, audience insights and Power Editor. Understanding all these tools will help you sell more, increase leads and scale up your business.


It’s simple – don’t run ads on your page!

Some of this might be complicated. Don’t worry, it will all make more sense later in the course.

In later lessons we’ll show you exactly how to manage ads through Facebook Ads Manager.

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