Learn the Strategies We Use to Increase Sales With Instagram Advertising

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Our team has spent over $10 million in online ads, mostly on Facebook.

The biggest thing we’ve learnt? Increasing leads and sales isn’t easy.

Everyone offers a secret formula, or a get-rich-quick scheme. They promise you $10,000 every day in free sales, all for three easy payments of $459.

We won’t promise any of that. Why? Because it’s mostly crap.

At Online Advertising School, we do things differently. No bullsh*t formulas. No secrets. No expensive in-person meetings. Just helpful, and practical step-by-step advice so you can master topics like Instagram advertising.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in our eBook:

  • An easy strategy advertisers use to run more effective campaigns
  • Pre-built Instagram report templates we use at Online Advertising School
  • Step by step instructions to create automated Instagram 
  • Simple ways to lower Instagram ad costs
  • Instagram ad types (there are different types!), and when you should use them to maximize results

There’s no downside. In fact, it might just be the most useful Instagram advertising guide you ever read.

The best part? We won’t spam you. Ever. 

That means no super secret formula for $999, or $5000 mastermind meetings in Vegas. 

Just useful, helpful advice so you can master Instagram ads.

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