News Roundup - December 8, 2016
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See the Newest Facebook Ad Format

Do you run app installs? Then you’ll love Facebook’s newest ad format – dynamic ads for mobile application installs. The more dynamic and targeted, the better.

Better Holiday Facebook Ads

Holidays are the best times to use online ads to drive up sales. Many advertisers report that while ad costs go up, this is more than offset by higher sales. In this article, Facebook shows you some helpful tips to increase holiday sales, as well as ways to take advantage of post-holiday sales.

Optimizing Holiday Search Bidding

Are you an advanced Google Search advertiser? Then this article is for you. It summarizes how seasonal market fluctuations affect online merchandizers, how high frequency bidding should be used during the holidays, optimizing bidding during the holidays and a strategy for high-frequency, time of day budding. Like we said, it’s an advanced article!

Lead Generation With YouTube Ads? 

Did you know YouTube ads can be an effective way to drive leads? When setting up a YouTube campaign, you need to add some additional information. Check out the article to find out how.

A Huge Guide on Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat marketing can be complex and hard to approach. This guide simplifies it, giving you the info you need to begin, run and master Snapchat marketing. There’s even a section on ads!

B2B Ad Examples – The Pros and Cons

Sometimes the differences between a good ad and a bad ad are subtle. This article breaks down those differences in helpful bite-sized chunks.

Case Study – Using Google Customer Match to Increase Sales

Not using customer match with Google? You should be! Customer Match is similar to Facebook’s custom audiences, and is a must-have for any advertiser. This case study looks at how one company used Customer Match effectively to increase sales.

Here’s How to Create a Beautiful Online Store

This isn’t an advertising article, but we still think it’s useful. Designing or redesigning an ecommerce store can be frustrating. This article talks to 15 different ecommerce store owners about store design best-practices.

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