News Roundup - February 3, 2017
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Facebook rolling out group promotions?

This hasn’t been announced anywhere, but we noticed a new ability to promote a Facebook group directly (see the little button below). Stay tuned, because we’ll be doing a longer process walking through how to set this up (and showing your our results).

What’s next for growth

A great post by Andrew Chen (Uber’s head of growth) on what’s next for growth & marketing. A good reminder that the best tactics have worked for 100+ years and all the tips and tricks in the world won’t change the fundamentals of selling.

Facebook rolling out new third-party measurement verification tools

In the wake of reports that Facebook was wildly over-reporting video traffic, the company is launching new tools to allow for third-party verification of reported metrics.

Round-up of biggest Facebook changes and stories of January

Facebook published a round-up of the biggest changes to its platform and product news of January. Worth a read to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Top 20 Facebook analytics tools

A good post looking at 20 analytics tools for Facebook on the market today. It’s self-promotional (the software provider Keyhole published it), but still a relatively fair assessment of the tools available.

Tools to grow your Instagram audience

SumoMe has a good explanation of how to use third party tools to more or less automate your Instagram account. I personally don’t use any of the tools on here, but I do use some similar ones and I can say that it is pretty easy to grow a large Instagram audience without much work on your part. Monetizing it, however, is a different matter.



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