News Roundup – January 16, 2017
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This week in online advertising news: ads coming to Instagram stories, “Methbot”, and Snapchat lead gen.

Instagram bringing ads to Stories, now 150m users strong

Instagram is launching ads into its Stories feature. 150m people are now using stories, so this is going to be another big supply of ad inventory. In the short term I’d expect this to create some opportunity for cheap video ads on Instagram. For some analysis, here’s the Adweek story on this development.

Russian botnet costing advertisers $3-5 million every day

Here’s a wild story about a sophisticated botnet — “Methbot” — based out of Russia that is generating 200-300 million fake video impressions every day. Between this and Facebook inflating its video numbers, it makes you wonder why anyone would do CPM bidding on video ads. Always track conversions, folks!

Snapchat testing deep-linking, autofill lead gen

Snapchat is testing new features in its ad platform, including deep linking to other apps and autofilled lead gen that people can submit with one click. I am very excited to see what lead gen capabilities Snapchat can offer.

Audience Network now reaches 1 billion people

Facebook’s Audience Network now reaches 1 billion people. Facebook continues to insist that advertisers who use the Audience Network get better results, but that has never been my experience.

Automate your prospect follow-up

I’d usually avoid linking to a self-promotional corporate blog post, but this guide from Campaign Monitor on how to setup an automatic system for getting prospects to complete a satisfaction survey is well done and should be useful to anyone running an online business. You could substitute any mailing provider for Campaign Monitor, of course.

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