News Roundup - January 23, 2017
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Instagram accounted for 70% of GQ’s social revenue last year

Businesses and media companies continue to change how they generate money. Learn how GQ generated more revenue from Instagram than from any other platform.

Expand audience reach with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic ads are one of the most popular ways for businesses to engage customers who visited a website and exhibited purchase intent. In an important update, Facebook will expand Dynamic Ad targeting to audiences who visit websites similar to your own. Read the article to learn why this is so important and how it will work.

Facebook expanding into e-commerce with a Craigslist competitor

What happens when you combine the biggest social media network in the world with Cragslist? You get Facebook’s newest product called Marketplace. Learn how your business can take advantage of Facebook Marketplace.

5 fixes for your online video marketing strategy: Lessons from Google BrandLab

Learn how to build better YouTube videos for your 2017 marketing campaigns.

Facebook tests midroll video ads

Facebook continues to believe video will be the most important ad medium in the future. To that end, Facebook plans to roll out midroll video ads within video content. Learn how it will work and why you’ll want to use it in your ad campaign.

Google is moving away from cookies – what does it mean for you?

YouTube plans to shift away from pixel and cookie tracking, and embrace user-ID targeting. Find out what this change means for your ad campaigns, and how you can leverage these changes to your advantage.

15 organic Facebook page strategies you can use right now

We don’t normally post about organic Facebook strategies. But this is a good one. You can easily implement these for managing your organic social campaigns.

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