Do you have the question, "Can someone pay me to teach my online course?"? If so, you may want to consider

BoostMyGrade is a well-known homework help site that is headquartered in the Philippines. Some reviews, however, suggest otherwise. This website is unique in that it follows a different business model than most homework helpers. They claim to be capable of handling all homework-related tasks such as tutoring, essay-writing, and problem-solving.

There isn't much BoostMyGrade feedback online that can support their claims. We're happy to provide some insight into this company. You can also visit our dedicated page to view a list of top homework help sites.

What Should You Know About BoostMyGrade

BoostMyGrade has the answer to your question.

  1. While essay writing services have become a common service for students who need help with their essays, thesis, and term papers, the people at decided to focus their attention on a new niche: Helping students take their online classes. You might think it is cheating, depending on how you look at the situation. You might even think it's cheating, depending on how you view it.
  2. If you are a risk-taker, you should consider BoostMyGrade as a more casual website than a dedicated homework assistance site that you can access 24 hours a day. You should also know that their business hours are very unusual. They are only available from Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 3 AM and are closed Friday and Saturday. How they adjust their schedule to suit different time zones is anyone's guess. They cater to students from all over the world.

Types of Services

The need for academic help has increased with the shift to online learning. Students no longer have to purchase custom papers. Although I would prefer to take my online class online, many students require someone to assist them in their online classes.

Yet, BoostMyGrade is an approved website and can provide its services free of charge to anyone who requests them. The company provides services beyond the online class:

  • Problem-solving (answers for short questions, tests, and quizzes).
  • Assignment/homework help
  • Editing and proofreading custom writing

BoostMyGrade has a team of writers. However, it is not possible to ascertain their expertise. They don't specify what academic papers they can write, so it is not possible to know exactly what type of paper they are capable of writing. Although we do know they can write essays but not much else, it is something that we are certain of.


Transparency is the key to determining the reliability of a homework aid website. has no pricing table. Students should not guess how much they will have to spend before hiring them. You must create an account and provide all details to get a quote from BoostMyGrade.

We were unable to get a quote within the time frame, so we sought out information from a student who ordered essays from the website in the past. According to the website, the minimum price for essays starts at $19 per webpage. It becomes more expensive for more pages, and it takes longer to get the paper delivered.

There are no discounts or promo codes on their website. To find limited offers such as 10% off your first order, you may need to look elsewhere. We contacted BoostMyGrade and were directed to their support manager to ask for a discount. But, we have not received a reply from them, which speaks volumes about the quality of their customer care.


I'd first want to make sure I trust the person taking my class if I was to pay them. The service must give me complete peace of mind.

Refund and Revision Policies

Unfortunately, there is no page dedicated to BoostMyGrades Terms and Conditions. We were unable to find any details about BoostMyGrades Terms and Conditions on the website's FAQs section. This is not reassuring.

On their homepage, we see a banner stating that they offer a "100% Satisfaction guarantee" and promising to refund any money owed if they fail as promised. Unfortunately, we were not able to find any money-back guarantee.

In case you need to have your paper edited, there's an unlimited number of free revisions.

Grade Guarantee

We did however find a BoostMyGrade "grade guarantee", where BoostMyGrade promises you will get an A or a better grade. If you get a lower grade than C, they will immediately issue a full refund. This isn’t much. This all boils down to the unclear money-back promise, in case they fail you with your grade.

Online Reputation

Review of Customers are Lacking

Is Boost My Grade legit? The company is located in the Philippines. It was founded in order to help students with homework and assignments. They may be great just because they have been around for a long time.

The BoostMyGrade reviews posted by third-party websites are not encouraging. The most common complaint from students is:

  • Companies' failure to live up to their promises of good grades.
  • High prices compared to more transparent homework assistance websites.
  • Deferred refunds and revisions

BoostMyGrade also had a Profile but that profile is not accessible anymore. We searched Reddit for reviews on this company and could not find any.

Fake Reviews

We don't have enough reviews to discredit BoostMyGrades legitimacy. There is no solid evidence. But there are several competitors trying to ruin their online reputation.


  • All-inclusive services. The company offers online tutoring and assistance with quizzes, tests, and custom essay writing.
  • Flexible rates. Customers can negotiate with tutors, writers, and homework helpers about prices and discounts.


  • Vague pricing. No set pricing table (you need to fill in the order forms first to receive a quote), reports of excessive charges from tutors or writers.
  • No guarantees. There is no money-back guarantee. Customers can't be certain of the overall quality and reliability of their services.
  • Poor customer service. There are delays in responding to requests for revisions and refunds; customer service does not respond to or address complaints from customers on third-party review sites.


BoostMyGrade, an accredited company, has been around for many years. There is still much to be done on the website and in the quality of services. They don’t have a fixed price for their services and are not responsive to customer inquiries. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll receive the help you pay for.

In conclusion, BoostMyGrade is not a company you can trust. There are better alternatives to BoostMyGrade for homework assistance - without the risk!