Tired of Secret Formulas?

Have you ever come across online marketers who promise you the world?

“Learn how we acquired 10,000 leads for free”

“Purchase my course and I’ll show you my secret plan to scale advertising campaigns”

“Come to my $5,000 meeting and I’ll treach you everything I know”

There are so many gurus out there promising you a secret formula that will unlock the power of online advertising. They show you screenshots of their ads, and promise you can replicate those results. So why not say no?

Unfortunately, there’s three problems with these courses.

#1 – Their courses are expensive. And I mean really expensive. Some can cost over $500 per course. That’s not cheap. As someone just starting out, this can be prohibitively expensive.

#2 – You can’t just buy one. These people need you to buy more courses. That’s how they make their money. It’s not about the small buyer, it’s about multiple big, one-off purchases. They burn through their lists, not caring who unsubscribes. And to learn all their skills, you need to buy every course.

Remember that $500 course that shows you the secret to online funnels? Well now you need the 2.0 version. And the bonus content. And you need to attend the “Mastermind” session. Only then will you learn the secrets of the universe… Or how to run an ad. You get all that for the measly price of $5,999!

You get the idea.

#3 – You don’t learn anything. Well that’s only partially true. You might learn a formula that works at this very moment. Or you learn an interesting way or setting up an ad.

But you don’t learn the ins and outs of each platform. You likely only learn about one channel.

And every business is different. How do you know what works for a guru works for your small business?

And if you want to learn more? You have to buy that expensive course. Then buy another. And another.

A Better Way to Learn

Online courses are a great way to learn. But it needs to be done right. It shouldn’t be about selling a secret formula – it should be about learning how to sell.

That’s why we created Online Advertising School.

Online Advertising School is the best, more affordable, no bullsh*t way to learn online advertising for your favourite online advertising channels. You’ll learn everything there is to know.

You’re probably asking yourself, “but guys, how is this any different that Don ‘The Salesmachine’ Johnson who promised me 10,000 leads per day”?

Great question. Here’s how Online Advertising School is different:

We’re Affordable

$1500 for a course is a lot to invest. Especially when you need to buy another six months later.

Right now all our best content is available right away for free. You don’t need to spend $500 per course.

In fact, Online Advertising School is one of the most inexpensive ways to master online advertising on the internet.

We plan on offering a paid membership someday. But I can promise you it will be reasonable – because no one should be $500 every month to learn online advertising.

Courses Never Go Stale

Advertising platforms are constantly updating (check out our Facebook post about this exact topic). What you learned 3 months ago might not work anymore.

That course you bought for $500? Well now it’s time to upgrade to another $500 course. 🙁

That’s why we keep our content fully updated. Facebook changes power editor? Google changes their bidding? We keep our courses fresh, so old courses never really go old.

New Courses All The Time

We promise at least one new course every month. The other guys? One course every 6 months, if you’re lucky. And good luck affording it. How can they even stay updated with the newest trends? Well you’ll have to sign-up for their super secretive group…

Not Online Advertising School. We’re constantly adding new courses so you can stay on top of the latest trends.

Topics That Actually Help You

We don’t sell courses or content so you can buy more from us. With transparent and consistent pricing, we only care about creating great content for our community.

Have an idea for a course? Hit us up at [email protected]

Ready for Something Better?

Are you ready for a better way to learn?

Transparent and affordable pricing?

Content that actually helps you sell more at a lower cost?

A community of advertisers dedicated to not bullsh*tting each other?

Then check out one of our great guides or content below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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